365 Days of Japanese Day #7

Yesterday I gave three Japanese proverbs featuring shrimp.

We were talking about shrimp because I had told a story involving a dancing shrimp – おどり えび (odori ebi) – and promised to reveal where the story took place.

The story happened in Toba, in Mie prefecture!

To get to Toba you use the Ise-wan ferry, pictured above. Well… I used the Ise-wan ferry, because I lived in Toyohashi. I will talk more about getting from Toyohashi to Toba later this week.

For now let’s look at some Japanese.

One of my friends recognised Toba from the picture. He commented on Facebook:

Philip Comment

He replied in Japanese. What a show-off!

But then…to write in Japanese is natural for Philip.

I am also being very mean to say “show-off” as he clarified later that he wrote it in Japanese to obscure the spoiler for anyone else guessing!

Let’s see what Philip wrote:

“rei no shashin ni tsuite, machigainaku Isewan ferī no mokutekichi Toba-shidarou”
Regarding the picture in the example, it is definitely the destination of the Ise-wan ferry, in Toba city.

He’s right! It was Toba! Philip and his wife stayed with me a couple of days and the three of us used the ferry to get to Toba, then to Ise shrine. The dancing shrimp story happened a week later when my brother came to stay and I took him on the ferry so he could do some sea bird-watching.

Philip’s sentence could use some unpacking, but it is Sunday night and I am due at my parents’ place in 3 minutes…so we will delve into it tomorrow. See you then!

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  1. Something has been nibbling away at me about the shrimp theme for days, but I’ve only just realised what: are they shrimps, or are they prawns? How can a translator know? The ones in post 4 look to me like what we would call in English prawns, but they could be…langoustines!

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