365 Days of Japanese Day #9

To round out this recent set of entries I will explain how to get from Toyohashi (where I lived) to Toba (where the past few entries have been “set”). This is going to be a short entry but we’ll try to squeeze a few bits of Japanese vocabulary out of it!

Here is a map of the route:

Toyohashi to Toba

Toyohashi is the black circle on the far right and Toba is the red pin.

You’ll notice there are a couple of routes marked: the long way, going north through Nagoya, or the short way – using the ferry!

To get from my apartment (which is exactly what I marked with the black circle) I would first walk maybe three minutes to the Toyohashi tram station.


electric train (or tram)

The tram would take me to Toyohashi station where I would get a bus to 伊良湖岬 (Cape Irago), which is where the ferry port is.

Toyohashi station

“Toyotetsu basu kabushikigaisha”
Toyotetsu Bus Co., Ltd.

Note: バス = “basu” = bus. Another use of katakana for a loan word.

At Irago we would take the ferry over to Toba.

Do you remember the word for ferry from yesterday?

That’s right! It’s フェリー = “feri” = Ferry. Again…katakana for a loan word.

This was a short entry, but I hope the vocabulary was useful. Tomorrow I’m going to change the subject. As usual, the header image gives a clue as to tomorrow’s topic.

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