365 Days of Japanese Day #19

Toyohashi Curry Udon

My Magic keywords entry is still being worked on so here is some more miscellany 🙂

Regular reader/commenter Locksleyu wrote this comment yesterday:

Locksleyu Comment


Locksleyu writes Self Taught Japanese. It is a very well-written and deep blog which I thoroughly recommend checking out.

Locksleyu is a mysterious character to me. They are very good at Japanese and I think perhaps live in Japan, with a family. But that’s about all I know! I suppose I am piecing together more about this person from reading their blog entries…

One of my favourites that they have written is this entry on a Japanese book called “Bum Detective”. I have that kind of sense of humour where a detective whose head is a bottom is utterly, utterly hilarious to me. I thought Locksleyu’s review was excellent and I especially liked the finer points on the translation of the book and presentation of it in the original language.

At one point in the entry Locksleyu leaves a sentence’s meaning as an “exercise to the reader”. This seems good to look at to squeeze some Japanese into today’s entry.

The sentence is 失礼こかせていただきます (shitsurei kokasete itadakimasu) and I found it quite hard to translate neatly so let’s look at the component parts and see where we can get with it.

rudeness (I believe this can also be a shorthand for “excuse me“)

to let loose for example: a fart (!)

to receive, to get, to accept, to take (humble)

Itadakimasu is most commonly known to people as a word that is said before eating. However, I am pretty sure that meaning is not the intended one for today’s sentence so will we ignore it for now.

Putting the three above together into a single clear English sentence is difficult, isn’t it? We can tell broadly that Bum Detective is saying in a very polite fashion that he is about to fart, but the precise subtlety of the wording isn’t clear to me. I will give this very loose translation:

shitsurei kokasete itadakimasu
I am about to let loose something rude!

I am not entirely satisfied with that as I feel like I have taken license with the tenses (“I am about to”) but it is my best attempt for now!

Today’s cover picture is a Japanese dish associated with where I lived. I want to talk tomorrow about “itadakimasu” as it came up today and we had to skip over the most “usual” meaning.

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