365 Days of Japanese Day #28

Mailbag Stock Photo

Yesterday I talked a little about post in Japan, particularly focusing on the postal symbol 〒.

I promised that it had some relevance to this entry.

That relevance is that today I am doing a small “reader mailbag” article!

mail bag

“komento suru”
to comment

Today marks the 28th day of my “365 days of Japanese” series. That’s four weeks!

four weeks

I have had some amazing feedback and support from readers, both friends/family and totally new and unexpected readers.

Thank you, everyone!

The comments have been very varied, but all extremely positive.

To start with there have been people who have not commented on the blog itself, but messaged me personally to say nice things.

I am sorry if this sounds like blowing my own trumpet, but I want to show appreciation for their support.

Kev Comment

“Wow – a brilliant quartet of posts today!”

Simon Comment

These people were all very kind to send such messages.


Another type of comment I have had has been correction on things I have written. These are hugely appreciated because although I may talk a big game about my Japanese ability, truly I am in the category of “fake it ’til you make it, playa”.



Note that the second one is unusual and likely only used in certain contexts. It was the word I originally included but – ironically – it was then corrected to the more general term above it. I include it anyway for interest.

I have mentioned Locksleyu before, but their contributions in comments have been substantial and much appreciated. I count so far 1, 2, 3, 4 comments clarifying, correcting, and elucidating. Thank you Locksleyu! Their blog Self Taught Japanese is a constant source of inspiration and encouragment.

In the same category has been my friend Philip Garrett, who knows an awful lot of Japanese (indeed my first proper Japanese “teacher” – though we are I think only one day in age apart) and has made similarly insightful comments.

senior (older student often assuming a mentor-like role)

The final category are those who have suggested topics or future posts.

Philip has been great at this, essentially providing a mine of material for me to repost and expand on down the line.

My father, Patrick Miles (who has his own blog Calderonia) has also been excellent at posing questions that can (or already did) serve as material for future entries.

One last person to mention is Kotobites (Steph) who often “likes” the entries on here and runs a brilliant blog herself over at kotobites.wordpress.com.

It has been a great first month and I look forward to pushing on. Thank you again to all who have given feedback/support and please excuse the indulgence of this entry!

I have only a vague idea what I will talk about tomorrow, but plenty of possible topics…I wonder what it will be?


  1. Thanks for mentioning me! And by the way, you can just refer to me as “he” (instead of ‘they’) (:

    Today’s corrections:

    * 四週間 is read a yonshuukan (rememeber “shi” means death so it is avoided often). See my related post: http://selftaughtjapanese.com/2015/10/06/counting-irregularities-in-japanese-when-expressing-or/

    *I don’t think 補正 is technically wrong, but I have never seen it before and it may only be used in certain circumstances. 訂正 (teisei) is a better general-purpose word for ‘correct’

    == Congratulations on making it 4 weeks!

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    1. “He” – got it! I felt there was something male about your writing style but it would have been super awkward to have assumed that and been wrong!

      Thank you for the corrections! All fixed!

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