365 Days of Japanese Day #32

Signature Stamps and Holders

Yesterday I wrote about a couple of different ways to write my name (“James”) in katakana. I mentioned that both ways were used on “official” items I had. Here is one of them:

Japanese Business Card Front

It is my business card! (Or, rather, the business card I had in Japan 5 years ago.)

business card

My boss and her husband made a bunch of these for me shortly after I started working. They were very useful when meeting new people, and I think that their dispersal led to quite a few new students at the school.

English ‘conversation’


(The school also sometimes ran computer classes taught by my boss’ husband.)

“neo karucha kurabu”
Neo Culture Club (the name of the school)

You can see my full name in katakana on the card, and the kanji on the top left of it is my job title.

“eikaiwa sen’nin kōshi”
English conversation full-time lecturer

There is a lot that can be said about Japanese business cards and the rules of etiquette that go with them, but for today I will just leave it at that.

Oh! And I’ll show the back of the card, too!

Japanese Business Card Back

It is a little map, with space for notes.

The header image of this entry is a clue of another item I had which used slightly different katakana for my name…

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