365 Days of Japanese Day #33

Suit in a Circle

So…what was yesterday‘s header image? I dropped in on my parents for lunch today and they had a few guesses. They though maybe lipsticks, pens, or brushes…

Signature Stamps and Holders

The items in the image are hanko!

判子 (はんこ)
seal (used for a signature)

Here is mine:

My Hanko

And this is what the stamp looks like:


My Hanko Print

If you examine it closely you can see it is a stylised “ジェイムス” (reading downwards).

“jie-i-mu-su” (katakana)

I kept my “hanko” on a shelf by my front door. When I received deliveries the post people would often be surprised that I actually had a signature seal rather than signing with a pen!

I am writing quite short entries at the moment, but at least I’m keeping going. Tomorrow we will talk about…well, by now you know the drill…look at today’s cover image!

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