“Mood” [49/365]

In the closing line to this morning’s entry I wrote the word “mood” on its own.

I was using it in a particularly recent way, in the sense defined on Urban Dictionary here:

Urban Dictionary definition of "mood"
I used a screen capture because Urban Dictionary is typically highly NSFW so I don’t want my readers to feel they have to check out the definition on the site itself.

If you haven’t heard the term used this way it might seem strange so here are two more examples:

mood fb example
I said “mood” on FB today too.
big mood samurai sword in head
ん? = “Hmm?”

[big] mood
[/bɪg/] /muːd/
[intensely] me too / same / ditto / I also feel this way

I discussed with my father what part of speech this would be, with reference to the similarity with “ditto” and “same”. He wasn’t sure, saying that it could be adjectival, adverbial, or something else, depending on how you broke it down. My suggestion was that it is an interjection. He recommended I email an expert on such things, which I will do and report back.

How might we express this in Japanese?

mood, feeling

This is a literal word for “mood” in the normal sense, but it won’t do for this unusual, modern, slang, Urban Dictionary sense.

I would propose the slang Japanese term:

dangerous, risky, awful, terrible, crap, terrific, amazing, cool

Here we have a word which can mean almost anything, depending on context. Perhaps saying “yabai” in response to something is similar to saying “mood”?

Today I made two short posts: one in the morning, and this one in the evening. I skipped a a bit last week so figured I could catch up this way 🙂

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