The Weekend is Over 😭 [50/365]

Yesterday morning I was so happy it was the weekend and now, inevitably, the weekend is over.

why?, how come?, no way!

(Note: “ー” elongates the last syllable and makes it rather like a cry of despair. You sometimes hear the word this way in videogames and anime.)

I know a few ways to say that something is finished in Japanese and below are two of them, using shūmatsu (weekend). Like any language, there will be more and less natural ways to say something as well as ways that seem fine but are actually not right. I think these are both OK for the context of the weekend, but that one would be more natural…perhaps the former. Learned readers please jump in if there is a reason one or both of these are not correct!

週末は終わりました  //  週末はお終いです
(しゅうまつはおわりました)  //  (しゅうまつはおしまいです)
“shūmatsu wa owarimashita”  //  “shūmatsu wa oshimai desu”
the weekend ended // the weekend is finished

to finish

(Note: this verb had the “mashita” treatment to make it the past tense.)


I have a fun story about the word “oshimai” that I will tell another day.

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