The “Bento-ven” Meme [54/365]

This has been doing the rounds (“again?”) on social media:


It is typically captioned:


The below ought to give you enough to understand the joke:

Traditional Japanese lunch box holding rice or noodles and meat + pickled/cooked veg.

A famous German composer and pianist

I am not sure where the image originated. I first saw it via a friend’s share of “笑ったらシェア!“, which apparently translates to “share when laughing” 🤔…

Tomorrow I will talk a little about the “ヴェ” characters in this image and the associated sounds in Japanese. They are something that are very important to know!


    1. Nice! Thank you!

      I wasn’t quite sure if this qualified as a “meme” since memes usually follow an established format whereas this is just a funny picture + caption, but I think the definition of “meme” is becoming increasingly loose XD

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