White Day in Japan [68/365]

A month ago I wrote about Valentine’s Day in Japan and promised to follow up on the 14th of March with a post about White Day.

Well…today is the 14th of March!

ホワイトデー, ホワイトデイ, ホワイト・デー, ホワイト・デイ
“howaitodeー”, “howaitodei”, “howaito・deー”, “howaito・dei”
White Day (March 14th)

It is really very simple: men (?) keep track of who gave them something on Valentine’s Day and then give those people something in return on White Day.

But there is a catch…

“sanbai gaeshi”
‘triple the return’ – a general rule that the return gift should be 2-3 times the value of the Valentine’s gift

So…uh…here are some pics of White Day goodies I bought while living in Japan:

White Day 2014WhiteDayDeliveryOpened

I took White Day seriously and always rocked up packing mad heat.

rock up packing mad heat
/rɒk ʌp ˈpækɪŋ mæd hiːt/
to arrive somewhere, heavily armed

The banner image for this entry is the packaging from a small box of White Day themed chocolate I bought at a convenience store (for my own consumption). I kept the packaging because I thought it was interesting, and I will analyse it in a future entry. Perhaps you have noticed what is unusual about it?

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