Cambridge Japanese Circle [72/365]

For a while now I have been a member of the Facebook group Cambridge Japanese Circle.

However, I hadn’t been going to the events because I almost always had alternative plans on a Sunday, which is when the members typically meet.

Since I’m trying to engage with more Japanese speakers I will free up my Sundays a bit more, but additionally I decided to jump in on a mid-week session and proactively suggested meeting at a cafe last Wednesday. Two people turned up and their Japanese level was way higher than mine, which was great!

The header of this entry is from some notes that one of the attendees was making while we spoke and it turned out he had been writing down words that he noticed me asking about…he was making notes FOR ME!

CJC Notes from C

This entry is simply to alert my readers to the existence of the group in case I have any followers from Cambridge, UK. If so, join the group! It is awesome!

I am going to continue my proactivity with mid-week meets, and likely dilute the insane Magic: the Gathering parties I host with Japanese study sessions.

Party at James’s? You know what that means…I’ll cook some yumbo food and drinkerino.


This is the first entry in what may become a semi-regular feature publicising opportunities for Japanese learners in Cambridge, UK 🙂

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