100 Days Until the JLPT [79/365]

Earlier in the week I registered for the JLPT. I am taking N3 level which anyone who knows me – or indeed reads this blog – will agree is lunacy, but I am determined to study hard and crush it bun da haterz.

“bun da haterz”
/bʌn də ˈheɪtəz/
disregard those who do not share your positivity

If today is day 1 then day 100 will be July 6th, the day before the test itself on July 7th. So I have 100 days to push myself through 🙂

one hundred days

I hope I can do it!

Today’s cover image is from Rocky IV, specifically a music video to the song No Easy Way Out, which I guess is kinda my anthem for the next 100 days XD


    1. I think it’s essentially Jamaican English. I heard it from the UK London hip-hop scene.

      “bun” = “burn”, “da” = “the”, and “haterz” = “haters”. I suppose I’m writing it in an exaggeratedly phonetic fashion for comic effect but in song titles and lyrics the words are pretty much written that way!

      I’ve heard some much more unpleasant uses of “bun” in Jamaican music (often in combination with the pejorative “battyman”) which makes me hesitate to use it, but I think in the sentence “bun da haterz” there’s an implied positivity which makes me OK with using this in the facetious manner that I have! 😀


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