The “Giving an opinion in Japanese” Meme [80/365]

A friend just shared this meme on Facebook and I found it hilarious.

Giving an Opinion in Japanese

The joke is that “と思います” follows giving an opinion as surely as the ignition of Darth Maul’s second lightsaber beam follows the first.

“to omoimasu”
I think

The meme might be interpreted as poking fun at Japanese politeness but I think it is mostly just acknowledging how we speak natural Japanese – it is fundamentally a polite language in its construction and conventions 🤔

If you know the scene where Darth Maul does this then the meme is much more entertaining. It is hard to explain, but the mixed feeling of menace from Darth Maul firing up his lightsaber juxtaposed with the matter-of-fact point about Japanese language creates an inherently absurd and amusing effect. Many memes use such techniques to successfully achieve a response of laughter in those reading them.

The image originally came from Japanese Memes and Gaijin 外人 D R E A M S, a Facebook group with many such pieces of humorous content.

This entry has been tagged “Posts where I take the piss out of myself by overexplaining something”.

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