“Japanese Notes 2013-03-13” [81/365]

The following was written when I lived in Japan, for another blog. I am reproducing it here because there was a note in my drafts folder instructing me to do so.

Today I was told that mastery of either Kendo 剣道, Judo 柔道, or Karate 空手 is one of the necessary requirements to be a police officer in Japan. I wondered what constitutes “mastery” in this context, presumably at least 1st dan (black belt)? My friend didn’t know, just that it has to be one of those three – Aikido and Kenpo don’t count. I haven’t found any sources for this online but of course I have no reason to doubt the word of a native Japanese person on the matter. I’m fascinated.

KendoI asked for a way to state something but at the same time signal that you’re not really pleased about it. Something along the lines of “I wish it wasn’t cold” or “It’s spicy, I don’t really like that”. Or, better, a word that would convey the effect of saying “It’s cold” or “It’s spicy” while making an unhappy face. The first answer I got was something that is apparently a female way to say this and would be weird for a guy to say. I forget what that was, but I’ll ask again because it might be handy in future or hilarious to misuse. The second answer, after some thought, was to tag “yada na” on the end. This is tricky to translate exactly so I’m not even going to try, just give some examples. You know what I asked, so you pretty much know what “yada na” means.

It’s cold, yada na! 寒いのやだな samui no yada na

There’s egg, yada na! 卵やだな tamago yada na

(That) woman…yada na! 彼女やだな kanojo yada na

You may have noticed, when the word is an adjective you need to add “no” but when it’s a noun you don’t. Anyway, onto the rest of today’s phrases.

warm 暖かい atatakai

It’s getting warmer 暖かくなってきます atatakaku natte kimasu

pollen 花粉 kafun

hay fever 花粉症 kafunshou

I have hay fever 私は花粉症です watashi wa kafunshou desu

Sorry I’m late, my Tauntaun froze before I reached the first marker
osoku natte mōshiwake arimasen. saisho no dōhyō ni touchaku shita mae, watashi no tauntaun ga tōshi shite shimaimashita

The vocabulary of the entry is not formatted in my usual house style but it works fine (possibly better) the way I did it at the time.

Image credit: Not sure…I wrote this back when I was a bit more cavalier about grabbing stuff off Google Images and using without attribution.

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