Some Fun Words [86/365]

Yesterday I talked about “watashi dayori” and linked to a video about the product.

I took this still from the video because it has lots of useful and fun Japanese vocabulary:

watashi dayori video still

Can you read the words? Do you know what they mean?

The answers are in the first comment to this entry! I didn’t want to put spoilers in the post!


  1. ふじさん “Fujisan” = Mt. Fuji

    まつ “matsu” = pine

    だるま “daruma” = round, red-painted good-luck doll in the shape of Bodhidharma, with a blank eye to be completed when a person’s wish is granted

    おゆん “oyun” = hot water

    こま “koma” = spinning top

    おりづる “oriduru” = folded paper crane

    たけ “take” = bamboo

    おにぎり “onigiri” = rice ball

    おはし “ohashi” = chopsticks

    うめ “ume” = Japanese apricot or plum

    にほんしゅ “nihonshu” = sake (rice wine)

    かっぱまき “kappamaki” = cucumber sushi roll

    こけし “kokeshi” = a traditional limbless wooden doll

    たび “tabi” = Japanese split-toed socks

    ぞうり “zōri” = Japanese sandals

    さくら “sakura” = cherry blossom

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