Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Days of the Week [88/365]

Recently I have wanted to say something happens on a particular day of the week, but I realised I’m more used to saying something happens today/tomorrow or happened yesterday. I remember that the forms can be a little different.

“sumisu-san wa ashita ginkō ni ikimasu”
Mr. Smith is going to the bank tomorrow

“Mairuzu-san kinō tomodachi to resutoran ni ikimashita”
Mr. Miles went to a restaurant with a friend yesterday

“kyō ringo tabemasu”
today [I] [will] eat [an] apple

The next examples use days of the week, which I listed in a previous entry.

“Donkasu-san wa raishū no kin’yōbi ni Sukottorando ni kimasu”
Mr. Donkers will come to Scotland next Friday

“watashitachi wa mokuyōbi ni yonjihan kara kafe CB2 de aimasu”
We [will] meet at cafe CB2 from 4:30 on Thursday

Both these examples have the particle に (“ni”) after the day of the week, but we did not use a particle after “today”, “tomorrow”, “yesterday” in the previous example sentences.

I believe it is correct that days of the week take に and “today”, “tomorrow”, “yesterday” do not in these contexts, but I do not know why…or what the exceptions are!

Do you know more about this? Let me know 🙂

Image credit: A picture of Cafe CB2 in Cambridge, taken from

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