Annotranslate Is On Holiday Until July 8th

It won’t have escaped the notice of subscribers that things have gone rather quiet here of late.

“What happened to the 365 Days of Japanese regular entries?”
“What happened to the microseason entries?”
“Does it have anything to do with your Dad being ill?”
“I thought he was fine in the end?”
“I hope everything is ok!”

Let’s pop this stack.

Everything is ok!
My Dad is fine!
Yeeeeah. About that.
I didn’t post them. BUT, now I have and we’re up to date πŸ™‚
I didn’t write them, BUT it doesn’t really matter because I think we’ll still finish up the 365 about the time the first cycle of microseasons concludes! πŸ˜€

So…why did I stop posting?

It was mostly that my Dad’s health scare made me take stock of things and rebuild my priorities. This led to working more, tidying up a few other aspects of my life, and (slowly) tilting in the direction of increasingly hardcore Japanese study (especially with a JLPT exam looming on the horizon).

As I wrote to locksleyu in a recent email after he very kindly asked me if everything was OK:

I’ve been studying for my JLPT-N3 and it just feels suuuuuuper incompatible with the kind of expository entries that I typically post on annotranslate


holiday, day off, absence, sleep, rest

The exam is on 7th July, so I will not be posting again until after that. However, I have already scheduled the relevant microseason entries for the period AND my father has a guest post right after this one to tide us over, so see you all again on the 8th!

Image credit: I made it myself πŸ™‚

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