Microseason #32 of 72: 蓮始開 “First lotus blossoms” [119/365]

The eleventh 節気 “sekki” division of the traditional Japanese calendar is:

‘lesser heat’ // ‘minor heat’ (solar term)

The second “kō” microseason within this division is:

(はす はじめて ひらく)
“hasu hajimete hiraku”
First lotus blossoms

That makes 蓮始開 the thirty-second microseason of the year!

It typically lasts 12~16 July.

(ひら・く / ひら・ける / あ・く / あ・ける)
“hira・ku” / “hira・keru” / “a・ku” / “a・keru”
open, open up,  commence, establish

to open; to unpack; to bloom; to start; to hold

Click here to learn about this subseries

Image credit: An altered “Gilded Lotus” Magic card.

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