The First Lily Card [122/365]

On July 7th I took my JLPT-N3 exam. It was difficult and I probably failed, but the process of preparing was amazing and so too was taking it. There is something thoroughly satisfying about sitting an exam with zero consequence…

Young Winston Churchill Nothing is So Exhilirating
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” –Kelly Clarkson

I thought I might have a break from Japanese study for a few weeks afterwards – and indeed I haven’t really returned to non-Microseason posting here yet – but at work literally the next day I couldn’t resist hitting WaniKani to keep my kanji fresh.

While I was doing this one of my colleagues – Lily – asked how the exam had gone, so I told her more or less the same thing I just told you, and chuckled upon realising I was already back studying and revising kanji again.

This colleague has an interest in Japan and its language so we talked briefly about the kanji I was responding to on the screen. I explained that I combine WaniKani with physical flashcards and a whole bunch of other resources to try to diversify my internalisation of Japanese. This reduces the chance of gained knowledge being too imprisoned by arbitrary formats.

To cut a long story short, it all led to me bringing in the flashcard of my favourite kanji a few days later:

Hana White Rabbit Press Flashcard
Buy these awesome flashcards at, if only so they don’t sue me for uploading this reproduction of one of theirs.

I gave it to her…but only until the next stage.

Fast forward to now and we have a system.

For now, just know that I took back the White Rabbit Press 花 card and gave her 先 as well as this flashcard that I made:

Lily Card #1

There should be an asterisk somewhere that clarifies Nietzsche said it before Kelly Clarkson but let’s all agree not to.

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