Microseason #35 of 72: 土潤溽暑 “Earth is damp, air is humid” [123/365]

The twelfth 節気 “sekki” division of the traditional Japanese calendar is:

‘blistering heat’ // ‘major heat’ (solar term)

The second “kō” microseason within this division is:

(つち うるおうて むし あつし)
“tsuchi uruōte mushi atsushi”
Earth is damp, air is humid

That makes 土潤溽暑 the thirty-fifth microseason of the year!

It typically lasts 29 July ~ 2 August.

muggy; steamy; sticky; hot and humid

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Image credit: ResearchGate.net.


  1. Thanks for the post! I’ve never seen the kanji 溽 before (:

    I was surprised by the reading “うるおうて”, I would expect that to be “うるおい”. Do you know the history behind that?

    Liked by 1 person

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