Microseasons #40, #41, and #42 of 72: 処暑 “Manageable heat” [128/365]

The fourteenth 節気 “sekki” division of the traditional Japanese calendar is:

‘manageable heat’ // ‘limit of heat’ (solar term)
{when the weather is said to start cooling down}

The three “kō” microseasons within this division are:

(わた の はな しべ ひらく)
“wata no hana shibe hiraku”
Cotton flowers bloom

(てんち はじめて さむし)
“tenchi hajimete samushi”
Heat starts to die down

(こくもの すなわち みのる)
“kokumono sunawachi minoru”
Rice ripens

That makes 綿柎開, 天地始粛, and 禾乃登 the fortieth, forty-first, and forty-second microseasons of the year!

They typically last 18~22 August, 23 August ~ 1 September, and 2~7 September.

Hey Jim why are you posting three microseasons together?

I was very busy!


Sakura Note


It’s a teaser to a new subsequence of entries.

Oh! …related to the cover image?

Sakura Gift

Yes! The 筋子 寿司 pen is a gift I was given by Sakura!

Stay tuned 😉

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