Microseason #44 of 72: 鶺鴒鳴 “Wagtails sing” [130/365]

The thirteenth 節気 “sekki” division of the traditional Japanese calendar is:

‘glistening dew’ // ‘white dew’ (solar term)

The second “kō” microseason within this division is:

(せきれい なく)
“sekirei naku”
Wagtails sing

That makes 鶺鴒鳴 the forty-fourth microseason of the year!

It typically lasts 13~17 September.

I thought it was really cool that all three kanji in this microseason use the following radical! 🙂 [“Which is also a kanji in itself! Wait, are all radicals kanji?!” – Priya]

bird, chicken, fowl; poultry || “bird” radical

Attentive readers may recognise 鳴 from Microseason #19 of 72: 蛙始鳴 “Frogs start singing” where we explained:

to sing (bird), to make sound (animal), to call, to cry, to chirp

“Hey put 白鳥 on there!”


Click here to learn more about this subseries

Priya helped me to write this entry!

Wagtails Sing

Image credit: RSPB.org.uk (it didn’t give the artist, so I wonder if it was my brother!)

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