DKJP13 2018年11月8日 (木)

DKJP is a Cambridge study group consisting of Dominic SandersKevin DonkersJim Miles, and Priya Singh. We follow a course based around Japanese for Busy People, working through the textbook series together while sharing our insights into Japanese culture and language acquisition from a broad range of backgrounds.

Present: サンダズさん, ドンカスさん, マイルズせんせい, シングせんせい

Food: Chicken burgers, potato wedges, beef burgers with tomato and rocket, Kevin-proof brownies homemade by Priya (美味しそうです!!).

Content: Today we introduced a new way of starting each lesson. From here on out we will begin by working clockwise through the group asking and answering three questions in Japanese, the first two being “target questions” set by the lesson lead (today’s target questions: お名前はなんですか?, お元気ですか?)  and the third of the speaker’s choice (e.g. ドムさんはゲームが好きですか?). We will then continue with the established spelling/vocabulary section that we had previously been warming up with (now taken from upcoming chapters of the textbook), then for the bulk of the lesson work through the two set “lessons” of Japanese for Busy People 1, before setting the next two to be pre-studied for homework before the next class.

We were shorter on time today so skipped the spelling/vocabulary section and then completed lessons 5 and 6 from the textbook.

ゆうびんきょく seemed to be a particularly difficult word to remember and we ended up briefly discussing the Japanese post symbols 〒 and 〠, previously talked about on the blog here.

My (old) Japanese business card was used as an example of how 〒 is used in the writing of addresses, and I gave Priya one of my cards.

Homework: Read and practice lessons 7 and 8 of the textbook (p.59-76).

Bonus: What does the 片仮名 in the below image say?

Futurism ハウスミュージック

(It is from one of the tracks we listened to today while we studied.)

Also: At the start of the class we briefly talked about the word びっくり and its association with the ハンバーグレストラン called びっくりドンキー. But I will save analysis of that for a more detailed later post.

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