The Finding Neverland JLPT Meme [44/365]

JLPT stands for Japanese Language Proficiency Test, a qualification which non-native speakers can take to demonstrate their ability in Japanese.

A few months ago I saw this joke image and shared it with my study group because one of them was taking the test the following December.

jlpt meme
Joke images like this shared online are often called “memes”

もうすぐ JLPT だね
“mōsugu JLPT da ne”
The JLPT is soon isn’t it?

“benkyō shiteru?”
[are you / have you been] studying?

“iie zenzen”
No. [Not] at all.

じゃあ。 ¥5500 さよならだね。
“jā go sen go hyaku en sayonara da ne”
Well. That’s goodbye to 5500 yen then.

 * * * *

I hesitated to share it lest my classmate be jinxed but I thought it was too amusing not to show the class. They all found it pretty funny!

The film that the stills come from is Finding Neverland.

I will take a JLPT exam myself later in the year. Yikes!

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