Let’s Go! [365 Days of Japanese Day #1]

For a long time now I have been studying little snippets of Japanese each day. Or at least trying to. Sometimes it is as little as looking over a few words.

I made this blog to post about Japanese and other languages but I had not been posting very much. I liked what I posted, and I put time and effort into it, but it was sporadic.

So let’s try posting once a day for a year. Just small entries if I don’t have much time, and longer ones when I do.

For this first entry, let’s talk about how to say “Let’s Go!” in Japanese.

Making a “let’s” form of a verb in Japanese can be done by changing a “masu” (ます) form of a verb to a “mashou” (ましょう) form.

Here are some examples:

いきます, いきましょう
“ikimasu”, “ikimashō”
go, let’s go

食べます, 食べましょう
(たべます), (たべましょう)
“tabemasu”, “tabemashō”
eat, let’s eat

勉強します, 勉強しましょう
(べんきょうします), (べんきょうしましょう)
“benkyō shimasu”, “benkyō shimashō”
study, let’s study

始めます, 始めましょう
(はじめます), (はじめましょう)
“hajimemasu”, “hajimemashō”
start, let’s start

See you in the next entry for something else. Hey…that’s tomorrow!


  1. Good luck with your posts and studying!

    By the way, you have a minor typo, the ~mashou form should be written ~ましょう in Japanese. Sometimes the “う” is dropped in writing that has a conversational tone, but technically it is better to include it.

    Liked by 1 person

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