Microseason #9 of 72: 菜虫化蝶 “Caterpillars become butterflies” [69/365]

The third 節気 “sekki” division of the traditional Japanese calendar is:

‘awakening of insects’ (solar term)

The third and final “kō” microseason within this division is:

(なむし ちょう と なる)
“namushi chō to naru”
Caterpillars become butterflies

That makes 菜虫化蝶 the ninth microseason of the year!

It typically lasts 16~20 March.

This entry is a little bit special because it marks the occasion of me now having scheduled all of the future microseason entries. I have also calculated that if I make 3-4 posts between each microseason then I can reach the 72nd (and final) microseason on post #363 of my 365 Days of Japanese series, giving me two more entries to conclude and wrap up the project. I think this is manageable and I am very happy about it!

Image credit: DiscoverWildlfe.com

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