Some Miscellaneous Vocabulary [78/365]

There is a game my friends and I sometimes play called Cockroach Poker, which can be played with pretty much any cards.

When teaching the pre-beginner Japanese class last year I had us play this game using Japanese Magic: the Gathering cards, and I think that it is likely we play the game again tomorrow or at future Cambridge Japanese Circle meet ups. So I want to just go over the (Magic) vocabulary on the cards I use. Some of these are more generally useful than others!

flat land, plains





“serezunia no hoshō”
Selesnya Sentry

naturalisation // naturalise


stab wound

Cockroach Poker gives us practice of Japanese for agreement or calling bluffs. It can get pretty hilarious! I will do a follow up post after I next play the game, with some of the useful “stock phrases” that we use 🙂

Image credits: Wizards of the Coast Magic: the Gathering cards (Japanese language).

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